the Highest Quality Dental Care to the Elderly, Right at Home

On Site Dental Services for the Homebound Aging Population Who cannot access dental care in a traditional setting

Welcome to In House Dental Care

home of Southern California’s best in home dentist

Welcome to the home of Southern California’s best in home dentist, Dr. Richard A. Nguyen. Our mission at In-House Dental Care is to provide the highest quality dental care for the homebound aging population, particularly those who cannot access traditional dental care. We serve Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County.

A reliable mobile dentist is a necessity for ensuring that elderly and homebound patients have the care they need to remain comfortable and healthy. Our patients range from physical limitation to degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Dr. Nguyen acts as a senior dentist, visiting elderly patients in assisted living facilities, long term care communities, nursing homes, in-home elderly care, and independent living homes. We’re also able to visit patients currently residing in hospice.

full-service in home dentist

Dr. Nguyen is a full-service in home dentist and provides all typical dental services, including cleanings, crowns, fillings, dentures, extractions, and more. We use state of the art mobile equipment so you can rest assured you’ll have the highest quality of care at the comfort of your own home, without having to transport a patient to a traditional facility. The convenience of a mobile dentist brings previously inaccessible treatment right to your front door, and this care can drastically improve health and quality of life.

Tooth decay and other dental issues can severely impact day to day life and there is a strong link between gum disease and heart disease. Ensuring proper dental care from an in home dentist helps aging patients stay healthy.

For more information about our practice, such as whether or not we’re available in your area, please contact us at (949) 339-5373 or Contact Us to discuss your options and make an appointment. We are a quality home care dentist that is here to help you take care of your dental health from the convenience and comfort of your own home!