Dental Care for Homebound Patients San Bernardino County

Home Dental Care - Mobile DentistryIf you’re seeking dental care for Homebound Patients in San Bernardino County, In-House Dental Care offers expert geriatric care for your loved one. Age should be no barrier to dental wellness, and dental health impacts far more than your loved one’s smile. Tooth problems can accelerate overall health issues, and discomfort from abscesses or gum disease can contribute to poor cardiac health. Our mobile dentistry unit is accessible no matter your loved one’s location. Whether they live at home or in an assisted living situation, on the ground floor or up several flights of stairs, our doctor and his assistants can bring their equipment to your loved one, treat any problem they may have, and have them back to normal in no time. And with convenient phone payments accepted via any major credit card, you don’t even need to be present during the time cleanings, X-rays, and other procedures are performed.

Our dentist, Dr. Richard Nguyen, knows that geriatric patients have unique dental needs. They may need shorter appointments due to fatigue and might have cognitive impairments that make explaining procedures more complicated. Dr. Nguyen’s dental care for Homebound Patients in San Bernardino County comes with the experience and expertise to keep your loved one calm and comfortable during any dental procedure. His equipment is portable–capable of being brought up stairs or into other tight places–so that he can perform these procedures from the comfort and security of a geriatric patient’s bed or wheelchair. While many general dentists treat the elderly, In-House Dental Care comes with the assurance of Dr. Nguyen’s specialist knowledge and training.

Along with his kind and caring dental assistants, Dr. Nguyen offers unique services for this growing population. His administrators will even help submit your claims to your PPO insurance. By offering a full spectrum of dental procedures, he can handle any problem your loved one might have, whether they’re seeking mobile dentistry for x-rays, denture-fitting issues, or tooth extractions. Contact our office for dental care for homebound patients in San Bernardino County today at (949) 339-5373. We look forward to hearing from you.