Home Care Dentist Chino Hills

Home Care Dentist Chino HillsAccessing a qualified home care dentist in Chino Hills can prove more difficult than it initially appears. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be. Dr. Richard Nguyen is an experienced dentist with a general dentistry practice. After noting the lack of proper in-home dental care available to patients in Southern California, he opted to expand his practice to include mobile dentistry. As an in home dentist, he brings state-of-the-art technology right to a patient’s front door and can treat them for a variety of basic and advanced dental issues.

Providing the Services You Need

Our services include:

Our practice proudly serves elderly and homebound patients throughout Southern California in Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties. We also serve many San Bernardino area cities, including Rancho Cucamonga, Chino Hills, Ontario, and Fontana. With our versatile mobile dental office, we can visit patients wherever they are, whether that’s independent living, assisted living, nursing homes, hospice care, or anywhere else patients reside.

Access to an experienced home care dentist in Chino Hills is important for those living with cognitive or physical disorders like dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease. With many of these disorders comes a lack of access to proper care, an issue that Dr. Nguyen is very familiar with from his membership in both the Alzheimer’s Association and the National Aging In Place Council. For many patients like these, they can become distressed in unfamiliar environments, which makes it nearly impossible to access necessary care. This lack of care can result in advanced decay, breakage, or even infection, which can be dangerous for someone of advanced age. A good in home dentist will be able to keep a patient calm and comfortable in a familiar environment.

We’re gladly accepting new patients throughout Southern California. To set up a new patient appointment, please call 949-339-5373 today. Dr. Nguyen is an experienced and compassionate home care dentist serving Chino Hills and he’s the right choice for you.