Home Dental Care for Seniors San Bernardino County

House Call - Home Dental Care for Seniors San Bernardino CountyIn-house Dental Care provides home dental care for seniors in San Bernardino County. Our doctor, Dr. Richard A. Nguyen, is an experienced geriatric dentist who understands the unique needs of the senior population. Chief among these needs? In home dental services for those who are bedbound or otherwise incapacitated. Dental health is key to the overall health of the human body; abscesses and other dental problems can have an impact on cardiac health. This makes dental care even more important as one ages. But dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other physical ailments can impede access to high-quality dental care. Plus, many members of the elderly population are bedbound, in nursing homes, or otherwise unable to leave their homes. That’s why Dr. Nguyen provides mobile dental care for seniors who need it.

Dr. Nguyen realized the unmet need for home dental care for seniors in San Bernardino County after watching his 84-year-old father struggle to receive adequate care after he was bedbound. After researching the unique needs of this population–whether it be through compassionate care for those suffering from dementia or other cognitive impairments, or simply how to best address dental needs in aging patients–he began to provide in home dental services to the elderly.

Our home dental care for seniors in San Bernardino County is convenient for your family member. You do not have to be present at the time of services, so we accept phone payments via all major credit cards. While we don’t participate in any HMO or DMO plans, we can bill your PPO plan for your convenience. Our equipment is made to be mobile, and we even offer portable X-rays. Your loved one deserves the best in dental care. Age and mobility should not be a barrier to total body health. With Dr. Nguyen’s mobile dental services, they can be headed for better health today.