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If you’re searching for in home dental services in Los Angeles County, contact In Home Dental Care. Dr. Richard Nguyen provides compassionate mobile dental services for seniors and homebound patients. We work with patients at residential homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospices. Our services include:


Mobile Dentistry Services



Teeth Cleaning




Whether your loved one has Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or a physical ailment that limits their ability to visit a traditional dentist’s office, our mobile dental clinic will help them get the care they need. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (949) 339-5373.

Compassionate Care–In Home Dental Services in Los Angeles County

Many elderly, chronically ill patients suffer from significant cognitive or physical impairments that make traveling to a traditional dental office difficult. Mobility issues make it physically difficult to leave the house, while cognitive conditions (like dementia and Alzheimer’s) can make the entire experience confusing and stressful. Our mobile dental services for seniors allow patients to get the care they need without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

We offer in home dental services throughout Los Angeles County, including:

Although there are no official national data available, the American Academy of Home Care Physicians estimates 16% of seniors in America are permanently homebound–and that number is expected to increase. Left untreated, dental health issues can affect one’s overall health. Research has shown conditions like gum disease can contribute to the development of heart disease, complications with diabetes, and an increased risk for pneumonia, respiratory problems, and stroke. They also affect elderly patients’ overall quality of life. 

As one of the leading mobile dentists specializing in geriatric dentistry, Dr. Nguyen understands the barriers to dental care services many elderly patients face; he saw it firsthand with his elderly father. We use state-of-the-art mobile technology that makes setting up onsite visits quick and convenient–even for patients in multi-story buildings. Although we prefer to treat patients on their beds, we can also accommodate wheelchairs, recliners, and couches. 

Compassionate Dental Care for Elderly Homebound Patients

If you have a loved one who’s homebound, they may have oral health issues that are being overlooked. Dental health can seriously impact their quality of life and overall health. Our mobile dental clinic ensures seniors and patients with physical impairments receive compassionate, qualified care–even if they’re not able to visit a dentist’s office. If you need a mobile dentist near Los Angeles County, contact us today at (949) 339-5373 or send us an email at