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Senior Dental - Homebound PatientIf you’ve been on the hunt for Dental Care for Seniors in Los Angeles County, then In-House Dental Care can help. Owned and operated by Dr. Richard Nguyen, a qualified specialist in geriatric dentistry, we offer dental services that can come to any home or care facility, so that your loved one’s health can be in top shape. Perhaps you’ve never considered Dentist House Care before. If your loved one is home-bound, this might mean that this key component of overall health has been overlooked. But dental health can impact a senior’s quality of life, whether it’s because of poorly fitting dentures or an abscess that is impeding their cardiac health. Don’t go another day without addressing their dental issues. Instead, rest assured that qualified care is available–even if they can’t reach a dentist’s office.

Dr. Nguyen uses state-of-the-art equipment that is portable, including X-rays, dental cleaning tools, and more. Even if your loved one is home-bound in a second story room, he can reach them. He performs his procedures from their bed, chair, or wheelchair, so accessibility is no barrier to cleaner, healthier teeth. And Dr. Nguyen understands the unique needs of this population. A dentist house care visit may need to be kept brief to minimize discomfort to the patient, and patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia might need to be kept calm during their visits. That’s what makes a geriatric specialist so worthwhile. Dr. Nguyen offers more than just dental care for seniors in Los Angeles County. He truly understands the needs of this patient population.

Plus, In-House Dental Care makes dental care for seniors in Los Angeles County convenient and easy. There’s no need for you to be present at the time of your loved one’s services. You can arrange to pre-pay their visit via any major credit card through our phone system, or our assistants can help submit your bills to your PPO insurance. To learn more, visit our website at