Home Care Dentist Inglewood

When you need a home care dentist in Inglewood, there’s a professional, mobile service you can turn to. It used to be difficult to find home care options in Southern California. Dr. Richard Nguyen encountered this problem when looking for house call dental care for his own elderly father. In response, Dr. Nguyen formed In-House Dental Care to fulfill the need for a home care dentist for the aging and homebound population. Now caregivers and relatives looking for senior dental care can rest easy, knowing they can rely on In-House Dental Care.

Geriatric Dentist for Inglewood Patients

Home Care Dentist InglewoodOur mobile service travels throughout Southern California to bring the best care possible right to the patient’s bedside. We work wherever the patient is most comfortable, which often means they are lying in bed. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the patient is comfortable during the entire appointment, so we purposefully keep our appointments to an hour or two; we stop as soon as we see the patient is growing tired. We can also provide anti-anxiety medication if needed. With house call dental care, we are able to adapt to the needs of the patient in a way a traditional dental office cannot. For example, our state-of-the-art equipment can go up a few stairs on our portable ramp. However, if the patient is on an upper floor and can’t be moved, we have a smaller kit that can be carried upstairs. We are a home care dentist that makes sure our Inglewood patients are taken care of.

In-House Dental Care provides a list of services including extractions, crowns, fillings, X-rays, cleanings, and denture work. Even if a patient can’t travel to a traditional dental office, they still deserve quality care. Make sure your loved one’s oral health is kept up with regular visits by a home care dentist to your Inglewood home. Call (949) 339-5373 to schedule an appointment with our dental administrator today!