Home Dentistry Los Angeles County

If your loved one is a homebound senior, you might be looking for Home Dentistry in Los Angeles County offered by In-House Dental Care. Our dentist, Dr. Richard Nguyen, is an experienced geriatric dentist who can approach your family member with the empathy and expertise needed. Many seniors let their dental health go, to disastrous effects–problems like gum disease and tooth abscesses can impact one’s whole body, including cardiac health. But seniors and those with physical impairments might also have problems leaving their homes to reach a qualified dental practitioner. If you’ve been searching for a “house call dentist near me”, visit our website today to learn more about how we can help you restore your relative’s dental health.

Senior Dental Care - Home Dentist

Maybe they need a simple denture fitting or need to have a more complex procedure such as fillings or extractions done. If they have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other cognitive impairments, these procedures can be particularly difficult. Dr. Nguyen is a mobile dentist who specializes in geriatric dentistry, so he understands how to approach a treatment plan with your senior relative. For example, many senior patients need shorter visits to reduce stress and increase comfort to their delicate bodies. Dr. Nguyen understands this, as someone who has specialized in working with this population for many years.

You may have only recently begun to search for a house call dentist near me or may have experience with another provider. A simple call to Dr. Nguyen’s professional and courteous staff will show you a different level of home dentistry in Los Angeles County. With state-of-the-art portable equipment, a deep understanding of the needs of their aging population, and credit card phone payments and PPO billing available, you’ll be so glad you found us.