Mobile Dentist Los Angeles County

Mobile Dentist - Geriatric Dental CareIf you’re the caretaker for a senior relative, then you need a mobile dentist in Los Angeles County–and In-House Dental Care should be on your radar. We offer dental services for homebound and infirm seniors, whether they’re still living at the family home or are now in assisted living. Our Mobile Dentist for seniors is Dr. Richard Nguyen, who has years of experience in general dentistry and came to specialize in geriatric dentistry for homebound patients after watching his own elderly father struggle with preserving his dental health. This means he has the empathy and know-how to approach your senior relative compassionately while also meeting their unique needs.

A mobile dentist for seniors needs to understand the particular medical needs of this demographic. Dr. Nguyen and his assistants use state-of-the-art equipment that can be easily transported to reach your senior’s living space. Procedures can be done in a wheelchair, chair, or bed, and he’ll even transport his tools to the second story of your home if your loved one can’t be moved. It might be easy to think that you can let this key component of health go unchecked, but dental health impacts more than just the aesthetic impact of your relative’s smile. Gum problems and tooth abscesses can cause systemic problems with cardiac health, and more. The inability to visit a dentist’s office should be no barrier to whole body health. With a mobile dentist in Los Angeles County, you can take care of every aspect of your senior’s health, including their dental health.

For our appointments, we accept credit card phone payments so that there’s no need to be present at the time of service–handy if your relative is in a long-term care facility. We’ll also process your PPO dental insurance for you. Dr. Nguyen cares about the health of seniors, and he and his staff want to make it easy for you to make their dental health a priority. Contact us today at (949) 339-5373 or by filling out one of our online forms.