Mobile Dentist Manhattan Beach

Mobile Dentist Manhattan BeachDoes your loved one need a mobile dentist in Manhattan Beach? Elderly patients may have health concerns that keep them from accessing a traditional dentist’s office. But now you can receive the same high quality care from an in home dentist! Whether your loved one is in a wheelchair, confined to bed, or simply unable to leave the house, there is a senior dentist that can help.

The In Home Dentist You Can Trust

In-House Dental Care was founded by Dr. Richard Nguyen when he realized that there are limited options for patients that need a mobile dentist in Manhattan Beach and the greater Los Angeles county. His own father needed an in home dentist and Dr. Nguyen struggled to find adequate care. Now In-House Dental Care brings compassionate and skilled dental care to the aging and homebound populations in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego counties. Our state of the art equipment allows us to bring much needed dentistry directly to your loved one, in the comfort and security of their home. Our equipment can be taken inside private residences, nursing facilities, or assisted living homes, and we can even take a smaller set of tools upstairs if the patient cannot come to the ground level.

In-House Dental Care is more than a mobile dentist serving Manhattan Beach. We are a team of dental professionals who are passionate about helping our patients and making them as comfortable as possible. We treat every person with the respect and dignity they deserve. From teeth cleanings to extractions to fitting a patient for dentures, In-House Dental Care has the professional dental services you need with the mobility and flexibility to travel to wherever the patient is. Hire a dentist that can see your loved one in the comfort of their home. Call (949) 339-5373 to make an appointment today.