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Finding the right home care dentist in Newport Beach can result in a noticeable improvement in health and quality of life for aging and homebound patients. Good house call dental care can be difficult to find, and that’s something our dentist, Dr. Richard A. Nguyen, noticed right away when he observed how much trouble his elderly father had in finding care. There simply aren’t very many mobile dentistry practices in Southern California. In order to remedy that, Dr. Nguyen knew what he had to do – he had to step up himself and expand his practice to include in-home dentistry.

Home Care Dentist Newport BeachWith strong links to heart disease, gum disease in older patients can be devastating in more ways than one. Tooth decay can lead to a decline in quality of life, as well as open up the potential for possibly life-threatening infection. For patients who can’t access routine dental care because they’re homebound, this is a serious concern. It’s also why Dr. Nguyen acts as a home care dentist serving Newport Beach and other coastal Southern California cities, providing essential care to people who would otherwise be unable to access it. With our mobile dentistry practice, we’re able to serve patients throughout Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, and Riverside Counties, as well as other nearby areas. Dr. Nguyen can bring the latest in mobile dental technology right to a patient’s front door, whether that patient lives independently or in an assisted living facility. We’re also able to serve hospice care and nursing homes. No matter what stage of life a patient is in, they should have access to quality house call dental care to ensure their health and comfort. Without ever having to leave home, a patient can receive a dental cleaning, fillings, denture fittings, tooth extraction, crown placement, and more.

We’re always happy to hear from new patients and set up an appointment at their convenience. We’ll work both with patients directly and caretakers as necessary, so don’t hesitate to call. If you’re seeking an experienced home care dentist for the Newport Beach area, Dr. Nguyen is here to serve you. Please check our site for more information!