In Home Dentist Laguna Niguel

In Home Dentist Laguna NiguelLearn about all the benefits of using an in home dentist in Laguna Niguel today by contact In-House Dental Care. We’re a mobile dentistry practice led by Dr. Richard Nguyen in order to fulfill the need for dental house calls. For much of the aging Southern California population, physical and cognitive health issues prevent them from receiving routine and emergency dental care. Disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, and more affect a patient’s ability to leave home for appointments without significant stress. With a mobile dental practice, that stress is mediated for both patients and caregivers.

In Home Dentist Visit Is The Way To Go

Anxiety surrounding dental care is not at all uncommon, and it can be exacerbated in patients dealing with other health issues. By calling an in home dentist to perform procedures in a Laguna Niguel residence, a patient can receive essential care in the comfort of their own home. Dr. Nguyen noticed the need for such a service after observing his own aging father’s difficulty in obtaining the services he needed, and he has since expanded his mobile dentistry practice throughout Southern California, including Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. We’re able to bring the latest state of the art dental equipment directly to your door and perform procedures right there, including cleanings, fillings, extractions, crowns, denture fittings, and more. Our practice is available to visit residential homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and even hospice care to ensure all patients are able to receive proper dental attention. If you have questions about the services we offer or whether we serve your area, please contact us today.

Oral health is directly tied to heart health, and as we age, that connection becomes more important in order to maintain good health and longevity. Don’t wait on routine dental care or dental work — call today and have our in home dentist visit you in Laguna Niguel. You can set up an appointment online, and fill out new patient forms here on the website, as well.