Home Care Dentist Fontana

Home Care Dentist FontanaWe know how difficult it can be to find a home care dentist serving Fontana and the nearby cities. In fact, our founder, Dr. Richard Nguyen, is intimately familiar with the difficulty of finding quality in-home care for an elderly patient. He witnessed his own aging father experience the lack of access to care when he became homebound, and it prompted him to look deeper into the issue of access to an in home dentist in Southern California. The results he found weren’t inspiring, so he took the next step himself and decided to incorporate home dental care into his own practice.

Trustworthy Home Dental Care

Since that time, Dr. Nguyen has expanded his general dentistry practice to include a mobile dentistry unit that serves patients throughout Southern California. He acts as a home care dentist for elderly and homebound patients in:

As a member of both the Alzheimer’s Association and the Aging In Place Council, Dr. Nguyen is uniquely positioned to understand many of the needs and limitations affecting a large portion of the populace. Every year, Southern California’s population of senior citizens grows, and with it grows the need for a qualified in home dentist to ensure they have access to necessary care.

Numerous studies directly link gum disease and heart disease, a link that only grows more tenuous with age and advanced dental decay. For patients with diseases that keep them at home, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, access to dental care can often make a world of difference in health and quality of life. As a home care dentist serving Fontana, Dr. Nguyen can bring his mobile practice and state-of-the-art equipment directly to a patient’s home, whether that home is independent living, assisted living, a nursing home, or hospice care. Our practice can perform basic and many advanced dental procedures at a patient’s home.

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