Mobile Dentist Chino

Mobile Dentist ChinoOur mobile dentist in Chino is designed specifically for the elderly and homebound patients unable to receive traditional office care. With state of the art portable equipment, we provide dentist house calls to help geriatric patients with their oral health needs. Tooth and gum disease can cause discomfort and pain, as well as be an underlying cause of more serious health concerns. With an in home dentist visit, you can alleviate the pain, decrease the medical issues, and improve the heath and well being for you or your loved one.

Bringing Traditional Dentistry To Your Home

Whether bound by physical or cognitive limitations, a dentist house call can significantly reduce the stress on an elderly patient. Their home is a safe, comfortable place, and they can retain that sense of safety while receiving quality dental care. Mobile dentist patients in Chino can opt to stay in bed, restfully reclined in a chair, or lie on a couch. Patient care is always Dr. Nguyen’s priority and we do everything we can to help our patients stay calm and relaxed.

After seeing firsthand how important an in-home medical visit could be, Dr. Nguyen dedicated his practice to helping the ailing and elderly community in Southern California. Visits can be done in assisted living communities, private residences, and even hospitals. Oral health and care is imperative in the life of an elderly patient, and Dr. Nguyen will take the time to ensure he does everything he can to bring some quality of life back to his patients.

Our mobile dentist serves Chino and beyond. Please contact us at (949) 339-5373 or to see if you are within our service areas. We are also available to answer any questions you may have about the services we offer and payment options. Bringing the dental practice to your home is an easy way to safeguard and maintain the oral health of you or an elderly loved one.