Mobile Dentistry San Bernardino

Mobile Dentistry San BernardinoAre you looking for mobile dentistry service in San Bernardino? There’s a compassionate and qualified senior in home dentist serving your area! In-House Dental Care was founded by Dr. Richard Nguyen after he realized the difficulty in finding services for his ailing father. He doesn’t want loving relatives and caregivers to experience the same struggle while looking for an in home dentist for their aging family members. Now Dr. Nguyen brings quality dental care to elderly and homebound patients across San Bernardino County, including these cities:

In-House Dental Care brings all the necessary equipment right to the patient. We work with assisted living facilities and long-term care homes. We also visit private residences and even patients in hospice. Our goal is to ensure good dental health and to handle any issues that might be causing discomfort or pain. Just because a patient can’t travel to a traditional dental office doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice their dental health. Our mobile dentistry unit travels throughout San Bernardino, offering cleanings, fillings, crowns, extractions, and dentures. Our state of the art equipment is completely portable and allows us to treat the patient where they are most comfortable. Oftentimes our patients are laying in bed while we treat them. With our high tech equipment, we are able to complete X-rays, arrange a treatment plan, and provide the highest level of care.

Patient Focused Dental Care

Most important to our practice is ensuring the patient’s comfort. With elderly patients, we take a lot into consideration. As a senior home care dentist, we want to make sure our patients are comfortable at all times. We purposefully keep appointments short (from 1-2 hours), stop if the patient is growing tired, and treat every patient with the respect and dignity they deserve. If you need mobile dentistry for a loved one in San Bernardino, In-House Dental Care offers skilled and compassionate treatment.

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