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When you’re searching for compassionate in home dental services in San Diego County, contact Dr. Richard Nguyen and his team at In-House Dental Care. As an experienced geriatric dentist, Dr. Nguyen is skilled at working with elderly and homebound patients who are suffering from physical and/or cognitive conditions. We provide complete at home dental care, including:


Mobile Dentistry Services



Teeth Cleaning




We serve patients in a wide range of settings, including residential homes, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospices. Whether your loved one has Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, or physical ailments, they’ll receive high-quality, compassionate care from our empathetic team. 

To schedule an appointment with our mobile dental clinic, please call us at (949) 339-5373.

Quality Mobile Dental Services for Seniors

Dental care is just as important for elderly patients as it is for younger people, but many older adults face barriers when it comes to accessing the dental health services they need. One common issue is difficulty getting to a traditional dental office, which can be nearly impossible for seniors who have mobility issues or lack transportation. Patients with cognitive conditions may also have trouble processing the stimuli in new environments and find the entire experience of regular office visits confusing or frightening. 

These barriers can put elderly patients at greater risk of dental health conditions like gum disease, infections, and tooth decay. At In Home Dental Care, we believe there’s no reason why senior or homebound patients shouldn’t have access to proper dental care. That’s why we offer quality in home dental services throughout San Diego County, including the following areas:

We use state-of-the-art portable equipment to provide complete dental care–without our patients needing to leave the comfort of their homes. Whether a patient is experiencing pain or sensitivity or needs preventive care, we’ll ensure they get the care they need. We can treat them while they’re in their bed, in a wheelchair, or on a couch or recliner. 

The Best In Home Dental Services for San Diego County Patients

Dr. Nguyen understands how barriers to dental care can affect elderly patients; he saw firsthand how difficult it was for his elderly homebound father to receive care. This is why he decided to offer mobile dental services for seniors–so everyone can have access to dental care, regardless of physical or cognitive limitations. At In Home Dental Care, we’re committed to providing our patients with dental services carried out with the utmost care and compassion. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (949) 339-5373 or email us at