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Mobile Dentist Newbury ParkFor a mobile dentist that can come to your home in Newbury Park, all you need to do is contact In-House Dental Care. After realizing the lack of in home dental care for elderly patients when he needed services for his ailing father, Dr. Richard Nguyen decided to open his own practice. Dr. Nguyen is a respected and experienced geriatric dentist who graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1998. He is dedicated to helping all patients, particularly the elderly, and has worked with patients with Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other ailments. The aging population has particular needs, and In-House Dental Care was created to serve those needs.

A Flexible Senior Dentist that Comes to You

Because many older people cannot easily travel to a traditional dental office for checkups and cleanings, their oral health suffers. Fortunately, we are a mobile dentist service that can come to you in Newbury Park. Whether the patient is in a long term care facility, private residence, assisted living center, or even hospice, we can help. We provide a wide range of services to make sure dental health and any discomfort is addressed, including:

  • Polishing and cleanings
  • Cavity fillings
  • Dentures
  • Crowns

We take X-rays and complete an initial check-up before scheduling any work on the patient. Our team is sensitive to ensuring the patient is comfortable, so we purposefully keep our appointments short- usually 1 to 2 hours. We work on many patients while they’re laying in bed, but we can work wherever the patient is most comfortable. This includes on a couch or wheelchair. We can even take a smaller version of portable equipment upstairs if necessary. We are flexible to work with the needs and concerns of our patients.

In-House Dental Care is proud to be a mobile dentistry service providing much needed care for the elderly and homebound population. We provide the best in home dental care by always respecting the patient and making their comfort the first priority. When you need a caring and professional mobile dentist for your elderly loved one in Newbury Park, call an experienced geriatric dentist.