Mobile Dentist for Seniors Orange County

Mobile Dentist for Seniors Orange CountyGet the best mobile dentist for seniors in Orange County by contacting In-House Dental Care! We have a team of highly skilled professionals led by In-House Dental Care’s founder, Dr. Richard Nguyen, who provide comprehensive dental services with unmatched care, skill, and compassion.

Specialized Dental Care

Our team provides a variety of mobile dentist services for elderly patients, all of which can greatly improve the quality of a patient’s life. Missing teeth can cause numerous problems from soreness to pain in the jaw, which is why our team can provide you with all of the necessary steps to get a full or partial denture fitting that will fill these gaps. These fittings are uniquely made for each patient, ensuring that it perfectly fits the patients natural smile. If a patient already has dentures, then we can also provide you with adjustments to help solve any issues that they may have been experiencing. We also provide crowns, which are a sort of “cap” that covers a worn down or broken tooth. A broken or worn tooth can cause many issues and sources of discomfort, and getting a crown is a great way to solve these issues. However, getting a crown is a process that can take up to two weeks, which is typically why many elderly patients suffer from the aches and pains caused by these issues. Here at In-House Dental Care, Dr. Nguyen can place a crown in home. Mobile dentistry for elderly patients allows your loved one to receive the care they need in the comfort of their own home.

We provide other services as well like:

If you want a mobile dentist for seniors in Orange County that can provide you with all of the care that a traditional dental office can provide, then be sure to give our office a call at (949) 339-5373. Get your loved one the dental care that they deserve by giving us a call and scheduling your appointment today!