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Mobile Dentist Sun City CAThink you can’t get a mobile dentist in Sun City CA? Call In-House Dental Care! We are a mobile dental care provider that serves Orange, San Diego, Riverside, and Los Angeles Counties. Dr. Richard Nguyen knows firsthand the struggle to find an in home dentist. When he was caring for his ailing father, he realized the difficulty in finding a dentist who makes house calls. So he founded In-House Dental Care to help this underserved population. In-House Dental Care provides aging and homebound patients with quality dentistry they deserve.
Regular Dental Care is Critical

It’s important for everyone to have access to quality dental care. Tooth decay and other dental issues can have a severe impact on day to day life, from basic activities like eating to pain from cavities and other issues. As a mobile dentist serving Sun City CA, In-House Dental Care is able to clean and polish teeth, take X-rays, fill cavities, pull teeth, complete crowns, and fix dentures and/or fit patients for new dentures. Our equipment uses the latest technology and is mobile, so we can bring in inside your home. We treat patients in bed, wheelchairs, on the sofa, or wherever they are most comfortable. Our first priority is making sure the patient is comfortable throughout the appointment.

Don’t let your elderly loved one be in pain. If they are experiencing dental pain, call an in home dentist. In-House Dental Care can travel to assisted living facilities, private residences, and long term care homes. We are a mobile dentist who travels throughout Sun City CA helping patients. Dr. Nguyen is experienced working with patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, and other ailments. When your homebound or even bedridden relative needs dental care, call an in house geriatric dentist who will give them quality dentistry and compassionate care. We work with assisted living facilities, caregivers, and family members to ensure that patients receive the best in home dental care.