How Much Does In Home Dentistry Cost?

How Much Does In Home Dentistry Cost?One question that always comes up with mobile dentistry is the price tag. Unlike other services, like ordering food for delivery, it can be hard to find a clear answer online. The answer is: it varies depending on procedure.

What we can tell you definitively is that in home dental care, no matter the provider, is more expensive than a visit to a traditional dental office. There are several reasons for this.

  • This is a unique service that brings professional dental care in the comfort of your home.
  • There is no waiting.  You don’t have to wait in a waiting room, you don’t have to wait in between procedures or cleanings, because the entire team is focused on the patient.
  • We bring an entire team to assist you. This includes an experienced senior dentist, two dental assistants, and an administrator. Our team is passionate about providing compassionate and professional care to every patient.
  •  We travel to you. Wherever the patient is, whether an assisted living facility, long term care residence, private home, we bring our equipment and team to you. Depending on where you are located, that takes driving time, set up of our professional equipment, procedure time, and clean up. Although the procedure might be fast and only require 30 minutes (we purposefully keep our appointments short for the comfort of our elderly patients), but it may include two hours of our time.

Although we can’t tell you what the price of a visit will cost online, because we don’t know the variables involved, we can talk you through the procedure and cost if you call us. In-House Dental Care believes that everyone deserves access to great dentistry, which is why we are so passionate about traveling throughout Southern California to assist patients. Contact us at (949) 339-5373 to discuss details.

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