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Gudrun W.

Gudrun’s daughter Terry sent in this kind letter:

I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Richard Nguyen from In-House Dental Care.

I am the primary caregiver for my mom, Gudrun W. She is totally bedbound. A couple of month ago she started to complain about pain in her upper gums. Eating was getting difficult. There was no way I could get her to a dentist office. I suspected an infection. I googled housecall dentist and found Dr. Richard Nguyen. I gave them a call and Louise answered the phone right away and they were able to come out the very next day. Talk about service. Dr. Nguyen did an examination and x-rays and my suspicion about an infection were confirmed. My mom was so worried and Dr. Nguyen and Louise and Veronica were so nice to my mother she was totally relaxed and not stressed out any more. Dr. Nguyen then recommended that 3 teeth needed to be pulled and my mom should have upper dentures. To my surprise, this could all be done in the comfort of her bed.

We then scheduled all the necessary steps and the day for the extraction. Each step of the way Louise called me to keep me informed and she also called when they were on their way to the house. The surgery itself went very smoothly and my mom had minimum discomfort during the procedure itself. Dr. Nguyen and his team can now give my mom the very needed dental care she was lacking for a while due to her condition.

I cannot say enough as to how pleased I am with the service Dr. Nguyen and his team provided my mom.

Thank you all so much, Terry Wray

Rosemary K.

Rosemary’s son-in-law sent in this kind letter:

Rosemary K. and Dr. Richard NguyenI would like to express my appreciation for the professional and caring manner that each of the employees of In-House Dental Care have shown toward my mother-in-law, Rosemary K. over the last year. Complicated and significant dental work has been performed at Rosemary’s residence in Irvine and Dr. Richard, Louise and all their staff have always delivered excellent service.

Beginning in June 2017, Rosemary’s daughter and I were presented with several options to resolve major problems created by previous years of minimal dental care. Dr. Nguyen laid out a plan of procedures and, as importantly, the cost for each in a very understandable format. Complications arose due to unforeseeable issues and Dr. Nguyen skillfully presented the information and a path forward with the related (as it turned out minimal) cost involved. Each issue was deftly solved and each project was completed in a timely and successful manner. As important as the quality of the work, the skillful patient care, especially with an elderly patient, has been noticeable and appreciated. The staff is constantly talking to Rosemary, assessing her comfort level and making the process as pleasant for her as possible. They also have worked closely with her physician and the staff at Rosemary’s assisted-living facility to ensure Rosemary’s well-being before and after procedures.

My wife and I have been very pleased to have Dr. Richard Nguyen as Rosemary’s dentist, and recommend him and In-House Dental Care without reservation for families who have a member in need of dental care outside the traditional office environment.

Thank You,

Stuart W.

Mary M.

Mary’s daughter Annette sent in this kind letter:

“A heartfelt Thank You! Dr Nguyen and Staff”

Thank you Dr. Nguyen and Staff,

After finding your website I called your office, and the rest was easy. My experience was professional, friendly, informative, and fair. I worried that my Mother was not eating properly, and her loose dentures were also causing gum sores. I feel so fortunate that I found a “House call Dentist” and Staff that I can recommend highly for anyone whose elderly loved one is having difficulty with their teeth or dentures. Dr. Nguyen exceeded all expectations, and when it involves a loved one, you hope for such an outcome, but do not always expect it.

My Mother is 97 and fell resulting in hip surgery. Afterwards her lower dentures became loose and it was difficult for her to eat. Within minutes of Dr. Nguyen’s arrival, accompanied by 2 assistants, she was made more comfortable. The Dr. filed her upper denture where she was experiencing soreness, and then all options were explained, and at a reasonable and fair cost. In my Mother’s case her care turned out to be very simple. We were not given expensive options that were not appropriate or necessary. It was such a relief to have all our questions answered and my Mom made more comfortable right away.

With gratitude to Dr. Nguyen and all your Staff for providing a service to the elderly community that I can recommend to everyone who is looking for solutions. I learned that Dr Nguyen also provides a full range of dental services and feel confident that my recommendation will prove accurate to anyone who is looking for the best affordable dental care they could ask for.

Sincerely, Annette D.

PS: I will let Laguna Woods Social Services know about your service too