Mobile Dentistry Services We Offer

Mobile Dentistry ServicesIf you’ve decided that you’re ready to work with a mobile in home dentist serving patients throughout Southern California, then we’re excited to welcome you into the fold. You may be wondering exactly which services we can offer from a mobile dentistry practice, and we’re proud to say that we cover a wide range of services to suit most dental needs. Dr. Richard Nguyen serves as a geriatric dentist with experience working with patients with a variety of health concerns, including degenerative and cognitive disease, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and more. Working with patients in their own home greatly reduces their stress, particularly for procedures that require more time.

In our mobile practice, we offer the following services for elderly and homebound patients.

Tooth Cleaning, Scaling, and Polishing

Over time, plaque buildup on our teeth accumulates, no matter how dedicated we are to our daily flossing and brushing routine. As we age, other factors can compile the issue, such as arthritis making it difficult to floss or sensitivity putting patients off regular brushing. Regular cleanings are a vital piece of the dental hygiene puzzle, helping to keep gums healthy, prevent tooth loss, and head off decay and infection. We also offer more in-depth scaling for teeth in need of deep cleaning, and polishing with fluoride treatment.


Just as our bones lose calcium and density over time due to age, hormone changes, and more, our teeth can also begin to show more serious signs of wear in advanced age. It’s important to head off decay early, before it gets worse. Dental fillings allow the dentist to remove any decay and strengthen the teeth. Our mobile practice allows us to bring all the tools and equipment we need, including composites, lights, and paste.


Occasionally, due to age, loss of calcium, or even accidents, teeth can break or become so damaged that a dental crown must be placed over the top of the tooth nub to maintain the bite and overall tooth health. Even simple wear and tear over decades of life can necessitate the need for a crown. From the comfort of a patient’s own home, Dr. Nguyen can perform the entire procedure, from filing a tooth into shape to placing a temporary or permanent crown.


For teeth that are too damaged to remain in the mouth, occasionally extractions must be performed for the patient’s overall health and quality of life. Our practice is equipped to perform this procedure on site, whether in a home or a care facility.


It’s hardly uncommon for elderly patients to require full or partial dentures on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. After extraction, Dr. Nguyen can fit a patient with a dental mold and create the necessary dentures. These prosthetics help prevent misalignment of the jaw, sores, pain, and other health issues that can arise from missing teeth, as well as helping patients maintain their ability to eat certain foods.

We able to perform any of these procedures anywhere in Southern California, specifically Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties. For more information or to ask if our practice can assist you or someone in your care, reach out anytime.