How In-House Dental Care Makes It Like An Office Visit

How In-House Dental Care Makes It Like An Office VisitMany people don’t realize that mobile dentistry offers the same professional treatment and personalized care that a traditional dentist’s office provides. In-House Dental Care brings the same service you would expect from a dental office right to your home.

The Mobile Dentists Bringing the Office to You

We are able to offer:

  1. High-tech Equipment
    Our state-of-the-art equipment is the same tools you would expect to see in a traditional dental office. The only difference is our equipment is specifically designed for portability and maneuverability. This allows us to bring the same instruments for top-notch dental care right into the patient’s home. For example, we have a portable X-ray machine that guides our mobile dentistry practice. We take X-rays of the inside of the patient’s mouth; from there we can determine what treatment is needed. Our top-of-the-line equipment is on a mobile cart that can be brought inside and even carried upstairs if necessary.
  2. Full Spectrum of Dental Procedures
    When you think of a mobile dentist, you might think we are limited by lack of a dental office. However, we offer most of the same procedures you would receive in a traditional facility. We are able to complete dental check-ups, cleanings, fill cavities, crowns, and denture work, all from the comfort of the patient’s home! If the procedure, such as dental surgery, requires an office visit we will discuss with the patient and family or caregivers what steps need to be taken.
  3. Professional Team
    We are able to offer these high quality dental procedures because of our innovative equipment and excellent team. In addition to a mobile dentist, each appointment typically includes 2 dental assistants and an administrator. Each patient receives an extremely high level of patient care, as our dental assistants are on hand to help the dentist with every procedure and our dental administrator is available to answer any billing questions.
  4. Patient Comfort
    The most important part of In-House Dental Care’s mobile dentistry practice is the focus on patient comfort. Everything we do, from using the best equipment available to having a highly trained and qualified team, is to make sure the patient gets outstanding in home dental care. We travel to wherever the patient is, whether that’s a private residence, long-term care, or assisted living facility. Ideally we work with the patient laying down in bed, but we are also able to provide care for patients more comfortable in a recliner or wheelchair. Our appointments are generally short, between one to two hours long, to make sure the patient doesn’t get overtaxed. Usually our patients are awake, but we can provide anti-anxiety medication if necessary. Every step is taken to ensure our patients are treated with dignity and respect, and that they are comfortable at all times.

In-House Dental Care is proud to be a mobile dentist service that can make a house call to your home. Our in home dental care is similar to an office visit in several ways, as explained above, with the added benefit of not having to move the patient. We make sure the patient is as comfortable as possible by bringing the professionalism and care of a traditional dental office right to your home. Please call us today to make an appointment.